Password Memory : Generate, Store and Manage Passwords

Password Memory is a freeware program for Windows that is able to generate, store and manage passwords. It stores all the passwords in a database file which is encrypted with a strong cipher and protected with a master password. You can create more than one database files to suit your needs – for example, one database for the personal accounts and another for work related passwords and so on.

After the installation of Password Memory, you are given a prompt to create a new database file and choose its location. You can modify the name of this database file and choose a master password during the creation. After this Password Memory loads this file and you can proceed with managing your passwords. If you want to load a specific passwords database file, then you can do so from the File menu in the program.

Password Memory

In the Password Memory, you can add, edit, or delete the passwords. If you choose to add a new password, then you have to supply a name, category, website, username, password (which can be generated by Password Memory by itself), and the icon. Similarly, you can also add or edit the credit cards. But if you have only 3-4 cards, then we would not suggest you to store that information in any offline or online program. However, if you have many credit/debit cards and you do not want to take out your wallet and lookup the information on these cards every time you make an online purchase, then you might store their information in Password Memory.

Password Memory

In the settings for the Password Memory, you can choose to make it automatically launch at Windows startup, place an icon in the Windows system tray, confirm when you wish to delete the records, automatically format the inputs and so on. There is also an option to sync your password database files over an FTP server, but it is available only in the paid Pro version.

You can download Password Memory from