Bring Fireplace to Your PC with 3D Fireplace Screensaver

Sitting in my apartment when I look outside, I find everything covered with snow. It is freezing cold outside and warnings of blizzards are being announced on the radio. In such a ice cold weather, the only thing I am thinking of is a cup of hot coffee, a warm blanket and a classic book to read. My apartment does not have a fireplace but it would have been perfect if I was sitting in a comfy chair in front of a fireplace. Well if you cannot have a real fireplace, then you can get an illusion of a fireplace using the 3D Realistic Fireplace screensaver.

The 3D Fireplace screensaver bring a very realistic looking fireplace to your Windows PC. It uses DirectX to create the flames, sounds and all the other effects making it look so real. The screensaver comes in a installer package and works on all versions of Windows although you may have to update DirectX on older versions of Windows. After the installation, you can access it from Control Panel → Appearance & Personalization → Change screensaver.

3D Fireplace Screensaver

In the settings of this screensaver, you can change the fireplace style, fireguard style, wood logs style, material of the fireplace style, flame color, burning rate and so on. In the advanced settings, you can change the sound of wood snapping and fire crackling. These realistic sound effects from the burning logs are very soothing and create a very warm background ambience. You can also add a clock to appear over the fireplace. And you can make the screensaver to appear on multiple monitors at the same time.

3D Fireplace Screensaver

Together with the flickering sparkles and moving smoke, it creates the perfect atmosphere for social and romantic occasions. In the warm glow of the firelight, you recreate the atmosphere of those memorable gatherings around the real camp fire. It is definitely a recommended screensaver for the cold winter nights.

You can download 3D Fireplace Screensaver from