Setapp is Alternative to Mac App Store for Mac OS

All people who use Mac OS usually have to go to Apple’s Mac App Store to download and install new apps. Some of the apps on Mac App Store are free while for others you have to pay before downloading them. But now you have an alternative to Mac App Store called Setapp from where you can download and install many of the popular software for Mac.

Setapp is a monthly subscription based app store for Mac OS users. You have to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 and you can install any of the dozens of apps offered by Setapp. It works exactly the same way as Netflix works – you pay for a month to try out all the apps offered and if you do not like it, then you can cancel the subscription. Furthermore, the apps are only a click away and they do not force any ads in the Setapp interface.

What makes Setapp different from Apple’s Mac App Store is that you won’t find any low quality, useless or long abandoned apps. Setapp has carefully put together a collection of very popular fifty seven apps and they are continuously talking with other app developers or firms to include their apps in Setapp. You can have a look at all the apps that they offer at On this page, you can also make a suggestion about any app that you want to be included in Setapp. Another exciting feature of Setapp is that all the apps are upgraded to their newer versions without any extra cost.

Setapp for Mac OS

You can install Setapp in your computer and then it will create a shortcut in the Finder. From this shortcut, if you open Setapp you will be able to download and install all the apps offered through Setapp. You do not have to pay anything extra for installing these apps. The monthly subscription fee will cover everything.

You can download Setapp from