Bvckup is Fast Backup Tool for Windows with Delta Mode

There are so many third party backup programs available for Windows and then there is one backup tool included with Windows itself. But most of them are loaded with features that you never really use. When all you need is basic backup – that is, copying files from the source location to the backup location or vice versa, then you can use a simple program like Bvckup.

Bvckup is a simple, fast backup tool for Windows that features delta mode. Using the delta mode, you can backup only the modified portion of the files which results not only in saving the storage space consumed but also in reducing the time used for copying the files.

You start by configuring a new backup by pulling File → Add new backup from the menubar. You can specify the source folder, destination folder, description, frequency of the backup, whether delta mode of copying is to be used, what to copy, whether volume shadow copy is to be used and more.


As soon as you add a new backup, Bvckup starts running this new task and performs the initial backup. Afterwards this new backup task is run at the scheduled time frequency. You can also pause, cancel or disable the backup tasks by selecting them from the main Bvckup window and choosing the appropriate action from the toolbar.

The program constantly monitors the changes made in the source folder specified in the added backup tasks and keeps running in the background. You can access and view the status of Bvckup from the system tray of Windows taskbar. As soon as the backup task conditions are met, it can run the task automatically and backup your files without any user intervention.


Conclusion: Bvckup is a simple, fast and easy to use backup tool for Windows. It features the delta mode that copies only modified files to the destination making the backup faster and saving the storage space.

You can download Bvckup from