Automate Tasks with Windows Shutdown Assistant

There are times when you start a task in your PC that takes hours to complete and if you do not want to wait sitting in front of the computer then you should seek the help of applications that can automatically run tasks at pre-specified times or when a certain condition is met. For example, if you are downloading a large software (e.g., Ubuntu Linux DVD ISO image which might take close to half an hour to finish on a typical ADSL connection) and you do not want wait, then you can use the Windows Shutdown Assistant to automatically turn off your PC after 1 hour.

Even though the name of the Windows Shutdown Assistant suggests that it can be used to automate the shutdown of your Windows PC, this program can be used for many other things. It also allows you to configure the built-in Windows Task Scheduler to automatically run the relevant applications, run processes, open files or launch website URLs. Furthermore, it can serve as a tool to remind you of important upcoming future events. When using as a reminder, it displays the messages in form of sticky notes on your computer screen.

Windows Shutdown Assistant

You can configure the Windows Shutdown Assistant  to schedule any task in just two steps. In the first step, you have to choose one of the triggers. The trigger could be a date, time, time period, when battery charge drops down to a certain level, when CPU usage drops down to idle level for a number of minutes, and so on. In the second step, you have to pick one of the tasks like shutdown computer, empty recycle bin, lock computer, open a set of web pages, launch a program and more. Finally, you can click on the Add to Actions List button and then the Start button.

Conclusion: Windows Shutdown Assistant can be used to automate the tasks in Windows including the shutdown, launching of websites, running programs, taking screenshots, and more.

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