GameRoom : Manage All Your Games from One Place

Various digital games distribution platforms like GOG, UPlay, Origin and Steam have changed the way PC gamers buy and play games on their computers. Thanks to these platforms, now you can buy any available game in an instant and if you have a decent internet connection then you can start playing it in the next ten minutes. But because some games are available from one platform and other from another, we usually end up installing all these digital distribution platforms’ client software and have to launch them in order to play the games downloaded through them.

So if you want to play Need for Speed : No Limits, you will have to launch Steam and if you want to play Assassin’s Creed, then you will have to launch UPlay and so on. A new freeware called GameRoom can make things a little bit easier for all the gamers as it allows you to view and launch all the available games from all the clients of various digital game distribution platforms from one place. It supports Steam, UPlay, GOG and Origin.


The program is designed using the Oracle Java and so you must install JRE (Java Runtimes Platform) in your PC so that you can use GameRoom. Other than this, you do not have to do anything as this program does everything automatically. You simply have to launch it and it imports all the data from all the installed games distribution clients such as UPlay or Steam.

In case of Steam, it can even fetch the games that you have bought before but never bothered to download or install. All the available game titles are displayed in a nice array of thumbnails and all the data related to the games is fetched from IGDB (internet games data base). Furthermore, you can also make changes to settings so as some special commands or programs are launched before actually launching the games. This could be useful in making your PC game ready by closing down unnecessary programs.

You can download GameRoom from