How to Hide G Button from Gboard in Android

Google does things differently from others and this time they have taken this approach to their years old Android keyboard. They have renamed their keyboard app Gboard which basically means Google Keyboard but makes it stand out a little. The functions of Gboard are not very much different from the older Google Keyboard. You can change the themes of the Gboard, enable Glide typing, add dictionaries and so on. But keeping up with the new lingo, they have added a G button in the keyboard itself. This G button lets you quickly visit the Google Search website and perhaps can save your time.

But if you are not into searching Google so often and prefer the older style of Google Keyboard then you may want to hide this G button. You can quickly hide the G button in Gboard through its settings using these steps:

Hide G Button in Gboard

  1. Open the app drawer and tap on the Gboard keyboard shortcut icon to open the Gboard settings.
  2. In the Gboard keyboard settings tap on Search.Hide G Button in Gboard
  3. On the next screen that shows up, tap on Show “G” button to turn off this setting.
  4. Tap on the back button of your phone/tablet twice to close the Gboard settings.

If later you decide that you prefer to have the G button and want it to be displayed in the keyboard then you can always go to the Gboard settings and take steps to reverse the changes that you made. In case you are not able to locate the Gboard icon in the app drawer, then you can open the Gboard settings from the keyboard itself by tapping on the comma to the left and then selecting on the small cogwheel. Similarly, you can access the Gboard keyboard settings from the Android system settings from under the Languages and input section.