How to Snap Images to Gallery in Opera Neon

Opera Neon is the new web browser from the house of Opera Software ASA. This is different from their regular Opera web browser but uses the same web rendering engine namely Blink which is borrowed from Chromium project being run by Google and is also used by the Google Chrome browser. The new Opera Neon browser comes with some very exciting new features that promise to take your web browsing experience far beyond what is offered by the standard web browsers prevalent today.

For example, it has a new feature called “Snap to Gallery” that allows you to take snapshots of any web page and save them inside the browser gallery. You can later view these snapshots along with the web page they were snapped from. This can help you when you are researching for something e.g., when you are looking for gifts for your friend, you can save all the ones you like in the gallery as you search the web and then make a choice later on by looking at the gallery.

In order to snap anything to a gallery, first open the web page that you wish to snap the content from. After this you have to click on the Snap icon in the left side of the Opera Neon browser.

Opera Neon Snap to Gallery

This will instantly show a rectangle on the web browser screen that you can use to make a selection of the web page region that you wish to capture. As soon as you finish the selection, the rectangular region is snapped and saved to the gallery.

Opera Neon Snap to Gallery

You can go on and make as many selections as you wish or need. All the snaps are saved in the Opera Neon gallery and you can access them all by clicking on the gallery button on the left. When you click on these snaps, it will launch the web page from where these were snapped.

Opera Neon Snap to Gallery

Conclusion: The snap-to-gallery feature Opera Neon is a variation of the web browser bookmarks present in the standard web browser. You can snap any portion of any web page and save the snapshots along with the URLs in the browser gallery that you can later access easily.

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    I hope you can help me 🙂 I use the Opera (mortal Opera) but something I don’t like of Neon opera is I cannot paint on the snap I do, in the mortal Opera I can. Do you know if is something I’m not doing well? Because that is the only reason why I don’t use Neon Opera, but if there solution, I move! 🙂

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