How to Add Shortcuts on Start Screen in Opera Neon Browser

The developers at Opera Software ASA are really very busy. In the past few months, they have been pumping out various apps for Android and iPhone like the Opera Free VPN and Opera Max. And now they have released a brand new web browser with a completely new user interface called Opera Neon. This new web browser comes with many unusual new features that you won’t find in any other standard web browser.

As you launch the Opera Neon browser, it shows a start screen with many floating shortcuts for various web sites. The background of your Windows desktop is used as the background for the start screen. You can click on these circular shortcuts, they open up the target website. Opera Neon comes with some standard and popular shortcuts on the start screen like Amazon, Youtube, Opera Blogs, New York Times and so on. But you can add your own custom web page shortcuts on the start screen.

Opera Neon

First of all you have to open the web page that you want to add to the start screen. Once the web page has finished loading, minimize all the web pages to go back to the start screen. Then just drag and drop the web page thumbnail to the start screen. This will add that web page on the start screen of the Opera Neon web browser.

You will notice that some shortcuts of some web sites contain large icon while for the others it is just a small icon. It is because of the configuration at the web server of those sites and you basically cannot change those icons unless you are web site administrator. If you are an administrator of any of these sites that show only a small icon then you may have to update the icon to contain all the different sizes and different color depths.