Perfect Keyboard Records Macros and Helps Type Faster

These days everyone has smartphones and tablets and use the touchscreen keyboards all the time. But even with them if you want to do some serious typing then you have to use a real physical keyboard. And when it comes to saving time typing on a physical keyboard, nothing is better than a macro recording application like Perfect Keyboard. This freeware application can record your keystrokes and repeat them verbatim when the need arises. This makes it very useful if you have to type something over and over again, or if you have to repeat certain series of keystrokes.

You can record any macro using the in-built macro recorder or you can manually edit the macro commands using a very easy to learn syntax. It can record both the keyboard and the mouse events and also has more than 170 commands built inside using which your macro can be modified as per your requirements. If you want to have this recorded macros launch automatically upon a trigger event, then you can add a text shortcut or hotkey as the trigger. For example, when you type this text shortcut in a Microsoft Word, Perfect Keyboard will automatically launch the macro and perform all the actions recorded inside the macro. Apart from the text shortcuts, the recorded macros can also be launched using the system tray icon of the Perfect Keyboard or the assigned hotkey for the macro.

Perfect Keyboard

Perfect Keyboard can be used to type faster, perform routine tasks in Windows, fill online forms, and automate data entry and more. Using this freeware macro recorder and playback application, you can type completely error free without losing mind over spell checking your documents. The paid version of Perfect Keyboard also contains many more features, for example, creating small EXE files to run a set of macros on any PC.

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