Perform Google Search When Offline in Android

When reading a new novel by James Patterson on my daily commute, I came across a new phrase and I tried to Google it but turns out I was in the middle of nowhere and had no WiFi access. But interestingly, Google search showed a new feature that preserves the search term for the next time the device goes online. By the time I reached my house I had forgotten about the search term, but the WiFi was available and I was surprised to see that Android finally loaded the Google search for the keyword when I unlocked it.

This new feature is a part of the Google Search for Android and is called Offline Search. What this feature does is that it allows users to perform a Google search even in the absence of an internet connection. But as you can guess the search cannot be completed without any internet access. The only thing this feature does is stores all your queries until a future event when internet access is available. You are also shown a notification when the search results are available. You can easily test this feature by searching for something by turning off the WiFi and after a minute turning it back on.

Google Offline Search for Android

If you want to change the settings related to the Offline search feature in your Android smartphone, then you can tap on the Google settings icon in the app drawer and choose Search & Now. From there you have to select Offline search from under the Search category. In the settings, you can choose to manage the pending searches or toggle off the displaying the notifications when the search results are available for your offline searches.

Google Offline Search for Android

Google offline search is a useful thing for everyone who suffer from unstable internet connection. When you are in the middle of the search and WiFi gives up on you, then using this feature you can still manage to search and get the results later when your smartphone is online.