Steam Cleaner Removes Unnecessary Files from Uplay, Steam, GoG and Origin

It was only a few years ago, when the PC gamers waited for the latest games to be released on the DVD. You could see long lines in front of stores where gamers stood for hours before the store was opened and hoped that they would get the DVD before anyone else. But the digital games delivery platforms like Steam, Uplay, Origin and GoG have changed that all. Now the games are released online and everyone can buy and download them in a few minutes. Not only you get to play the final versions of computer games, but these platforms also provide the beta versions of the games ahead of the release schedule. For example, right now many people are enjoying the beta version of Friday the 13th game through Steam.

But when you install multiple games on your PC downloaded through these digital platforms, you also download the files related to DirectX, Visual C++ runtimes and other things that you do not really need once they are installed. You can safely remove these files from your PC and free up hard disk space using a free application called Steam Cleaner.

Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaner can detect the unnecessary files downloaded through Steam, Uplay, GoG, and Origin. You can launch it, and it will detect the presence of Steam and other platforms on your computer. This is followed by scanning of files that exist in the folders of these platforms and that may not be needed anymore.

It shows the number of files found and disk space consumed by them. You can click on the bin icon to delete these files from your PC. The files are deleted after a confirmation, but it does not backup anything before deleting the files.

Conclusion: Steam Cleaner can delete some of the unnecessary files that could be downloaded with multiple games through digital games distribution platforms like Steam, Uplay, GoG or Origin.

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