How to Import Settings from other Browsers to Opera Neon

Opera Neon is a new offering from the Opera Software. I have been using it for a few days and to be honest this is the kind of web browser I had been looking for. It is really fast and has a very convenient interface. So I finally decided to switch over the Opera Neon. When you switch over to Opera Neon, you have to import settings from other web browsers so that you do not have to manually enter and configure everything. Opera Neon makes importing settings from other installed web browsers very easy.

Here is how you can import settings in Opera Neon:

  1. Launch Opera Neon web browser. Click on the menu icon near the lower-left corner to open the menu and select Settings from there.Opera Neon Import Settings
  2. In the setting screen that opens click on the button labeled Import Settings button.Opera Neon Import Settings
  3. In the small window that shows, choose a web browser from the drop-down list so that you can settings import of its settings. Choose all the different items that you want to import and then click on the Import button.Opera Neon Import Settings
  4. After the importing of the settings is complete, you can relaunch Opera Neon so that the imported settings can be loaded.

Using the steps explained above, you can export settings from one or more than one web browsers into Opera Neon. It does not seem to detect the installation of Chrome web browser for some reason, but there is always a work around. You can first import the Chrome settings to a new profile of Firefox and then import Firefox settings into Opera Neon. Since Opera Neon can import settings from Firefox and Internet Explorer, you can use this method to import settings from unsupported web browsers.


  1. I don’t get why they won’t develop it. It looks promising. I was going to give it a longer go, but the only settings available to import was internet explorer, even though I have Opera installed.

    I agree it’s time for a major upgrade in the whole web browser design. Neon looked pretty cool.

  2. The only import I see on Neon for macOS is Firefox (I’ve also got among others Safari, Chrome and even Opera installed) and also there it does not offer to import my bookmarks. When opening Extensions, it presents me a “site can’t be reached” exception when trying to open chrome://extensions/.
    I’d really like to test it, but I wanna pick up from some point and using my bookmarks and my password manager extension (LastPass in my case) is the least I need for that. 🙂

    1. Opera Neon does not seem to use the traditional bookmarks. Also it does not support chrome://extensions. You can see full supported list by entering chrome://chrome-urls/.

      By the way, Opera announced a few days ago that Opera Neon is just one time thing for fun. They are not going to develop it any further. So I am back to Firefox.

      1. are you sure !?

        i will go back to firefox ,, but i want to know how to change the default zoom !?

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