Switch Keyboard Layouts to Different Languages Easily with LangOver

People who are bilingual often choose to install more than just English as the input language in their Windows PC. And with the language input tools from Google, installing input support even for Asian languages has become so much easier. But still you have to switch to different keyboard layouts using the Alt+Shift hotkey before you can start typing in different languages. An indicator is show in the system tray of Windows desktop to let you know the current keyboard layout being used. But sometimes you just forget switching the keyboard layout and start typing in another language which obviously comes out as gibberish.

This is where the LangOver can be of immense help. Instead of typing everything all over again after switching the keyboard layout to the target language using the Alt+Shift hotkey, you can press the F10 hotkey to let LangOver take care of the mistake. It will automatically repeat the selected text with the changed keyboard layout.


But this is not the only thing LangOver does. It can also perform other text operations like changing the case (uppercase to lowercase or vice versa). You can also translate the selected text using online services as well as search Google for it. On the first launch, it shows all the hotkeys that perform these text operations.

In the settings, you can change the default hotkeys. For example, you can change the F10 hotkey that switches the keyboard layout to something else. You can also choose to use the middle mouse button instead of this hotkey. Another option is that you clap twice using your hands which is listened by the microphone in your PC and an appropriate action is taken.


Verdict: If you work with multiple keyboard layouts then you can find the LangOver very useful and productive. It can change the keyboard layout for different languages even after you have mistakenly typed using the wrong keyboard layout.

You can download LangOver from http://www.langover.com/.