Kaspersky System Checker Detects Malware and System Problems

Kaspersky System Checker is a free tool for Windows users that helps diagnose the possible hardware and software related issues as well as detect the malware if any. It is a portable tool and does a thorough scanning of your Windows PC for all the known vulnerabilities in the installed software. Even if you have an antivirus security software installed in your PC, you can use it to have a second opinion of your computer’s security.

When launched, it shows up with a window having only just one button labeled Run Diagnostics clicking on which starts the system scanning. The scanning might take a while so you should close all the open windows and programs before starting the diagnostics. On my test PC running Windows 10, it took nearly 15 minutes for the scan to complete. But then perhaps it takes a little more time, if you have many software applications installed on your computer.

Kaspersky System Checker

The progress of diagnostics is displayed in the window, and it also gives you options to stop it and show you the results or show the results found so far. But it is better that you let the scan finish and it will show you the full results. In the end, it displays the possible configuration issues in Windows (for example, if you have enabled ActiveX in Internet Explorer), whether you have installed any vulnerable software (for example, an outdated version of Microsoft Office for which known vulnerabilities exist), malware, hardware problems, system updates problems and more.

In addition to the diagnostic results, you can also view the system information for your computer and some additional information. You can view and remove the browser extensions for all the web browsers. Similarly, you can view the installed programs and choose to remove them. The programs are categorized according to most used, large programs, recently used and infrequently used – helping you decide which one you can remove.

Kaspersky System Checker

Verdict: Kaspersky System Checker is a great tool for figuring out possible problems in a Windows PC whether it is related to malware infection, software configuration or the hardware issues.

You can download Kaspersky System Checker from https://free.kaspersky.com/.