Use Ruast to Launch Programs with Administrator Access in Windows

Decades ago when Windows operating system was in infancy Microsoft did not bother with different types of user accounts. For example, in Windows 95/98 any user was able to access any file and perform any kind of file operation on them. Perhaps that made sense in those times, but now security is of utmost importance and latest versions of Windows have two basic types of user accounts – standard user and administrator. The administrator is able to perform system modification and make system wide changes, while the standard user has a limited access.

This is why if you want to access system tools like Registry Editor or Group Policy Editor then you have to launch them with administrator level access. And each time you launch a program with administrator level access, Windows shows up the UAC window and asks for the credentials of an administrator level user. If you have to regularly work with admin tools and you do not want to be bothered with UAC again and again, then you can use Ruast (Run As Taskbar).


Ruast is a simple program that stays in the Windows Taskbar and is always launched with the administrator level access. You can add shortcuts to other programs within Ruast so that when you launch those programs, they also get them same access as Ruast. This way Ruast manages to launch all the programs that you have added in its interface with the elevated access.

This is not a new trick, system administrators and computer technicians have been using a similar technique to launch elevated programs without UAC for years. They first launch an elevated command prompt and then through that command prompt they keep launching other system tools which then get the same elevated access as the command prompt. But the Ruast makes things a little easier with its easy to follow user interface.

You can download Ruast from