Add Mac OS Style Launchpad in Windows with WinLaunch

The people who have used Mac OS at least once in their life, know how fluid and lucid is the interface that comes with any Mac OS computer. Part of this experience is the Mac OS Launchpad using which you can launch various applications easily. If you want to have something similar in your Windows PC, then you can use the WinLaunch application for Windows. WinLaunch is designed to bring an experience in Windows computers identical to the one offered by Launchpad in Mac OS. It can be said that that WinLaunch for Windows imitates Launchpad from Mac OS.

WinLaunch has the same task as Launchpad and it basically presents a list of all the installed programs. It makes it very easy for you to launch the most used programs. WinLaunch is designed specially for the computers equipped with touch-screens. It does not interfere with Windows Start menu and can be launched using the Shift+Tab hotkey. Another method to activate the WinLaunch is to just move the mouse cursor in the upper-left corner of your screen.


If you do not find your favorite program in the WinLaunch screen, then you can easily add the shortcuts to your programs easily. This can be done very easily by dragging and dropping the shortcuts on the WinLaunch window. You can even create folders inside WinLaunch that can act as groups to contain multiple shortcuts. This way you can group the shortcuts based on their types or uses.

In the options for the WinLaunch, you can customize the hotkey or the hot-corners to activate the WinLaunch. You can even change the blur settings and pick a background wallpaper. If you have a computer with multiple screens, then you can pick which of the monitors WinLaunch should appear on.

Conclusion: WinLaunch brings the Mac OS X Launchpad experience to Windows PC. It is definitely an eye candy for the Windows users and works great with the touchscreen ready computers.

You can download WinLaunch from