EarthTime Shows Current Time & Weather for World Cities

Working for multi-national companies makes it a habit to keep the time of 2-3 cities in your mind. When I worked for Accenture, I got used to quickly calculate the time of different cities in my mind. But sometimes I did make mistakes and they almost always resulted in embarrassments. One way to accurately and quickly find the time of any city is to google the time, for example, to find the current time of London, you can just google for “London Time”. But if you think even this takes a little time for you, then you can use EarthTime.

EarthTime is a Windows application that displays the current time of hundreds of different cities on your desktop. In addition, it can also show the latest weather information such as temperature, wind, humidity, rainfall, atmospheric pressure of these different cities. There are also options to set alarms to indicate a certain time in a specific city.


EarthTime has an interface that pin-points the locations of various cities on a world map which could be handy if you do not know where a city is located. All the cities that you have configured are shown in a row on the top with their local times, temperature, and other weather information. You can select any of these cities to know their location on the map.

Initially only seven cities are configured to be displayed on the map, but you can add as many cities as you wish. This can be achieved by selecting Edit → Cities from the menubar. But the weather information is not available until you grab a free personal API key from Open Weather Map website. The instructions about how to register for the free personal API key can be found in EarthTime manual.


Once you have got the Open Weather Map API key, you can open the EarthTime options, switch to the Weather tab and then copy-paste the API key in the space provided. The weather information will be made available after 10-20 minutes.

Conclusion: EarthTime shows time for all the cities in the world in a convenient manner. Its database contains 100,000 cities and many other points around the world. And with a free API key, it is also able to fetch weather information about these cities.

You can download EarthTime for Windows from