Facebook Gameroom : Play Facebook Games on PC

What Microsoft has failed to do properly, Facebook has done brilliantly. Facebook has brought Facebook games to your Windows PC through a simple app called Facebook Gameroom. Now you do not have to access Facebook through your web browser in order to play games. And we all know, how slow those browsers can make the games at times. Now you can just launch the Facebook Gameroom app and access all of your favorite Facebook games from one place.

Facebook Gameroom can be called a game manager for the Facebook games. It can be used to search for new games, download them to your PC and play them from one place. All the games are categorized very nicely as action games, bingo games, board games, builder games, card games, casual games, puzzle games, role playing games, runner games, simulation games, sports games, strategy games, trivia games and more.

Facebook Gameroom

Of course, you have to login to Facebook Gameroom using your Facebook login credentials before you start using this games app. If you are already signed in to your Facebook account in any of your web browsers, then it automatically uses those credentials. After this, pick one of the games and click on the “Play” button. This will initiate the downloading of all the necessary files to your PC after which you can enjoy playing the game on your PC.

Facebook Gameroom

Facebook Gameroom is available only for computers running on Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10. It requires you to have the latest version of any of the popular web browsers. Even though Facebook Gameroom offers hundreds of free games to be played on your PC, it cannot compete with the game delivery platforms like Steam, GoG, UPlay etc. The reason is obviously the difference in the quality of games offered by these platforms.

You can download the Facebook Gameroom for PC from https://www.facebook.com/gameroom/.


  1. Please I want help how to delete that gameroom from the pc, thank you.

    I used various uninstallers like CCleaner, Revo and IOBIT, clear cookies caches etc. Clear the registry, check the c:\drive. Uninstalled the games that I play and re installed the games. Use as browser Firefox and Chrome. After all this, still have that pop up that ask me if I want to play the game with facebook or gameroom.

    1. Try installing it once again and then removing it using Programs & Features section of Control Panel. You can perform a system restore if nothing works.

    2. It will continue to ask that even though the gameroom is uninstalled, even if you had never installed it

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