Sound Off Reborn 2017 : Auto-Silence Phone at Specific Hours

There are so many places where keeping your phone turned on is considered a crime of the most heinous kind. For example, in a class-room, whether it is your high school or university, if your phone rings or makes any sound then your teachers stop and keep looking at you until you turn it off. Similarly, if your mobile phone rings when in a movie theater then everyone turns around to give you a scornful look. In all those places, you should keep your phone on the silent mode.

But if you often forget to do so, then you can have some help from the Sound Off Reborn 2017 app for Android. This app can automatically silence your smartphone at a pre-specified time duration. It is great for the high school or college students. They can configure this app to match the time table of their classes so that your smartphone automatically becomes silent during the class hours only. It can become audible once again during the lunch break or when the school hours are over.

Sound Off Reborn 2017

In the time schedule of this app, you can chose the day of the week and time for which you want to keep your phone on the silent mode. The time can be set in the fractions of 5 minutes so you can match the time duration precisely with your school time table. Furthermore, you can also choose to enable the app for odd or even weeks which is useful because some schools have different activities for odd and even weeks.

Conclusion: If you are a student or a parent, then you will find Sound Off Reborn 2017 very helpful. This app can help you keep your smartphone working normally without causing any disturbance during the lectures, class room hours or any other activity where silence is of utmost importance.

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