Five Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Time on Social Networks

Instead of appreciating what we all have in our lives, we often seem to be busy in commenting on what others are doing on the social networks. If you spend too much time on the social networking sites or apps, then you may be tempted to engage in an unending race of aping what others are doing. For example, if someone buys a new handbag and posts about it, then you also start thinking about shopping for one. And when you are glued to your smartphone commenting away on the posts of people you have never met in your life, you end up ignoring the real people around you.

If social networks has its benefits, then it also has some of the drawbacks too. If your life is being affected negatively by social media then here are five easy ways to stop wasting time on social networks:

1. Stop Documenting Everything

These days many people carry a selfie stick in their bags and keep taking their pictures everywhere they go so they can post them on Instagram. And now apps like Periscope, Facebook and Youtube allow live video streaming to keep everyone busy with their selfie sticks. But the thing you forget is that by being busy on documenting your activities you are missing out on the real experience of those activities. So next time you visit a restaurant focus on relishing the gourmet food instead of wasting time in telling everyone about it.

Stop Wasting Time on Social Networks

2. Turn Off Smartphone When Driving

Now many countries have made a law against using the phone and driving at the same time. This was done to prevent the road accidents as many drivers were busy using their phones and could not see what was in front of them. By turning off your smartphone (unless there is some emergency), you not only save your time from being wasted, you also drive safely and abide by the law.

3. Log Out of All Social Networking Apps

If you keep all the social networking apps on the automatically-login state, then they keep sending you notifications non-stop throughout the day/night. This acts as a distraction even if you are busy at work or studying. And once you pick up the smartphone, you can easily waste 30 minutes to 2 hours of your time. This is why you should log out of all of your social networking apps and disable automatically login settings.

4. Use Social Networks only on PC

Smartphones apps provide so much ease and convenience of accessing your social networking accounts. And this is partly a cause of your wasting many hours every single day. If you remove the social networking apps from your smartphone and access them only on your PC, you add an extra step or barrier between you and these services. This can discourage you from wasting so much time online on the social networks.

5. Use Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is a free distraction blocker for Windows, Mac and Android. Using this simple app, you can block any of the social networking sites at the tap of a button. After this, you won’t be able to use these sites and can save a lot of your time. Cold Turkey can also punish you if you try to circumvent the block in any possible way.