Xinorbis : Analyze How Hard Disk Space is Being Used

The ages old problem that has haunted computer users worldwide is that somehow in a mysterious way all their free hard disk space has disappeared. When the desktop computers came with a standard 20 GB hard disk back in 90’s, people were asking the same question. And it has not changed even in modern times when 2 TB hard disks are not that uncommon.

So where does all that disk space has gone? The first thing that crosses your mind that it could be a faulty hard disk and they call the customer care of the hard disk manufacturer. After wasting hours and exchanging expletives, they finally think that it could be some serious malware and they try to scan their hard disk with antivirus software of all sorts. But the thing is that you have yourself used up your hard disk space by storing so many music files, movies, videos, games and so on. It is hard to believe but it is true. And you won’t realize it until you analyze your hard disk space with a tool like Xinorbis.

Xinorbis is a very handy utility for Windows users that can quickly analyze how the hard disk space is being utilized in your PC. It is available as a portable software and requires no installation. After launching it, you can choose either a disk drive (labeled as C:, D:, E: etc.) or a folder that you want to analyze followed by clicking on the Scan button. Depending on the number of files and the size of the folder/partition selected, the scan takes short or long time. My slow 600GB hard disk was scanned in only 8 seconds.


The results are displayed graphically in the main window. In addition to showing some basic information (like the number of files, the size of the files, number of folders, number of empty folders etc.), it also displays the percentage of space taken by the largest file, the largest folder, by the Windows users and more. You can click on any of these to view much more detailed information.

You can choose to export the reports in a myriad number of formats. For example, it allows exporting of the reports to XML, HTML, CSV, TXT, Xinorbis, and Tree formats. By default all the report files are saved in the user profile folder of the currently logged in user, but you can change this setting in the Xinorbis options.

Conclusion: Xinorbis is an advanced disk space analyzer for Windows. It can perform very fast analysis of the disk space for a wide variety of disk types including HDD, SSD, removable disks, SD cards, eSATA, Firewire and more. It is able to export reports into a number of formats like XML, HTML, CSV.

You can download Xinorbis from