Generate WEP Keys with SterJo Wireless Key Generator

WEP (wired equivalent privacy) is a security algorithm that was introduced back in 1997 when the wireless devices confirming to IEEE 802.11 standard were first developed. The standard has been amended since then and now we have devices that use three popular versions b, g and n. Newer wireless devices also support much more secure WPA and WPA2 authentications. All these keys can be generated automatically by your wireless router or other network device, but if you want much more flexibility in key generation then you can use the SterJo Wireless Key Generator.

It is a portable application for Windows that can generate a wide variety of WEP keys, WPA and WPA2 keys. In the SterJo Wireless Key Generator window, you can select the type of key that you want to generate. The possible options are WEP 64-bit, WEP 128-bit, WEP 152-bit, WEP 256-bit, WPA 64-bit, WPA2 160-bit and WPA2 506-bit. You can also choose to exclude the ASCII symbol sets if you want. After this you can click on the Generate Key button to generate the keys.

SterJo Wireless Key Generator

The generate keys are both in the ASCII format as well as in the hexadecimal format. You can copy these keys to the clipboard by clicking on the icons next to these keys. After this, you have to open your wireless device interface (usually you have to access or in your web browser to access the WiFi routers). Then in these devices, you have to find the authorization section and use these generated keys in there.

SterJo Wireless Key Generator

While SterJo Wireless Key Generator is able to generate WEP, WPA and WPA2 keys, you should try to use the WPA2 keys only as they provide you with the best security. In fact some of the modern wireless devices confirming to the 802.11n standard do not even allow the WEP keys to be used.

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