SysInfo Detector Shows Detailed Hardware Information in PC

Even though the manual that comes with the new computer that you just bought explains most of the things, it does not usually give you all the in-depth details about various parts of hardware inside the PC. In order to find out details of the hardware inside your PC, you should use a program like SysInfo Detector. It is more like the popular Speccy program and shows you all possible information about your system including the sensors, alarms, software installed, motherboard, processors, graphics cards, memory and more.

Unlike some of the other similar software, SysInfo Detector is not a portable software – it refuses to work without installing it first. After the installation of the SysInfo Detector, you have to launch it with the administrator level permissions so that it can load the drivers to access the hardware. After this, it can display a lot of information about your system hardware and software.

SysInfo Detector

You can view the summary information about your PC, information coming from the various sensors attached to various parts of the hardware (like the hard disks, motherboard, CPU, GPU etc.), system alarms if any, and a list of all the devices attached to your PC like the printer, portable disks, routers and more. Under the software section, you can view a list of all the updates or hotfixes installed for the Microsoft products like Windows or Office, list of all the installed programs, list of services, running processes and the users.

SysInfo Detector comes in two versions – free and paid Pro version. The difference is that in the Pro version you are allowed to save the reports of the information detected about your PC. Additionally, the Pro version also supports a command line interface (CLI). Using the command line you can specify the path where the reports and dump files are to be saved.

You can download SysInfo Detector from