How to Automatically Install WinRAR License Key

There are some programs that have become essential for every Windows user – WinRAR is one of them. If you do not already know, WinRAR is a program to extract and create archives of many different kinds. It was the only program that challenged the dominance of WinZip back in 90’s. And now when WinZip is nowhere to be seen, WinRAR is still getting better with every single update that is released. It has been my personal favorite for a long long time. I bought the license key to WinRAR a few years ago and use it every time I format my PC and reinstall Windows, followed by the installing of other programs including WinRAR.

The normal way to install the license key file received from WinRAR is to copy the rarreg.key file to the WinRAR installation folder (which is usually C:\Program Files\WinRAR). Then there are some helper websites that offer their tools to help you install the license key. For example, this New Zealand distributor of WinRAR offers some sort of tool to help with installation of the key. But all of this is unnecessary – you can use WinRAR itself to automatically and conveniently install the license key as follows:

  1. Download the latest version of WinRAR for your PC from
  2. Place the rarreg.key that you received from WinRAR after you purchased it in the same folder as the WinRAR setup file (e.g.,  wrar540.exe). WinRAR Auto Install License Key
  3. Now whenever you want to install WinRAR along with the license key, just launch the WinRAR setup from this folder and complete the setup installation as usual. WinRAR will automatically find the rarreg.key and install it without any effort on your part.

If you have previously installed WinRAR and have already installed the license, then you can retrieve the license key file from WinRAR installation folder too. This is typically located in C:\Program Files\WinRAR.

WinRAR Auto Install License Key

Just copy the rarreg.key file from there and paste it in the folder containing the WinRAR setup installer. This is useful if you plan to format your PC and reinstall Windows once again. You will never have to manually install the WinRAR license key ever again.


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