JaBack : Automated Backup and Recovery for Windows

JaBack is a freeware application for Windows that can automate backup tasks for you. It backups your data in the form of standard ZIP archives and you can easily access your files from these backups using any regular ZIP utility like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You can also send these backup files over to your mail server via email messages attachments. Another option is to save the backup files to an FTP server. And obviously, you can save the backup files to your local storage disks as well. Furthermore, JaBack can also be scheduled to automatically perform the backup tasks or synchronize the data.

As you can perhaps guess from its name, it is designed using the Oracle Java programming language and as such, you would need to install JRE (Java Runtimes Environment) on your PC before you can use it. You can download and install JRE from https://www.java.com/download. This software works in both Windows and Mac.


The first thing you have to do is add backup tasks which includes choosing the task types. There is a huge number of task types you can choose from – copy files, archive files, extract files and more. In order to backup the files, you would need to pick the archive type task and choose the source and destination folders. Similarly, for the recovery you can choose a task type that can extract the files from the ZIP archive.

These tasks can be scheduled to be run on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also configure two or more tasks to be run one after another depending on the exit codes of the tasks. This is called chaining of the tasks. It is a great feature if you want to a series of tasks depending on how each of the tasks complete.

Conclusion: JaBack is a complicated backup and task automation utility for Windows and Mac. It can perform a series of tasks intelligently but needs a learning curve to master the proper use of all the features.

You can download JaBack from http://www.hiteksoftware.com/jaba/data-backup-software.htm.