InputMapper : Use PlayStation DualShock4 Controller on Windows PC

The moment you hold the DualShock4 controller that comes with PlayStation 4, you feel how awesome it is. And when you start playing games using your PlayStation connected to your large screen LED TV, you feel like you have died and reached heaven already. But then you want to use this same controller in your PC so that you can play PC games, but this is where you hit the reality that Sony has intentionally designed this controller to be used only and only on PlayStation. It does not work on PC or any other device.

But using a PC software called InputMapper, you can finally use the DualShock4 controller on your PC to  play the games and derive the heavenly pleasure once again. All this requires is a USB data cable for wired connection, or if you want to use it wirelessly then you would need a Broadcom chipset based Bluetooth dongle.


During the installation, it will download more software that is required for it to function properly. For example, it installs the latest version of DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++ Runtimes, Xbox 360 controller drivers etc. After the installation is over, reboot your Windows PC, connect the DualShock4 controller to your PC via the USB cable and then launch InputMapper.

If all goes well, then your DualShock4 controller will be detected and you can see it from under the devices section. Now you can proceed and select the mapping section, from here you have to make sure that all the buttons on your controllers are mapped correctly to various actions. If you do not like the default mapping of these buttons, then you can customize them and change the actions associated to these buttons.


And this is it. Now you can use the DualShock4 controller to play any PC game you want. Just make sure that you enable InputMapper to be launched automatically with Windows so that it keeps remapping the controller buttons for it to make it work properly.

You can download InputMapper from