JPEG Saver : Use JPEG Images as Screen Saver

One of the uses of having a large screen LED TV is that it can be used as a digital photo frame. All you have to do is copy all your JPEG images to a USB pen-drive and attach it to one of the USB ports given at the sides or behind the TV. Most of the LED TV’s with USB and HDMI ports have the feature of displaying a slide-show using the JPEG images stored on your pen-drive.

If you want to have a somewhat similar function in your Windows PC, then you can use the free JPEG Saver that gets installed in your PC as a screen-saver. This screen-saver uses the JPEG images stored inside specified folders to display a slide-show on your PC screen. The screen-saver has many advanced features like transition effects, positions, resizing, backgrounds and so on.

JPEG Saver

After the installation, you can access the screen-saver settings from the Windows Control Panel. In the settings, you can change the delay between displaying two JPEG images (you can pick from 1 second to 24 hours), choose different transitions effects, various positions to display these images, pick one or more folders where you have saved the JPEG images, whether to resize them, choose various styles and more. There are also options for adding extra items to the display, for example an analog clock, rectangular borders around the images, image information stored in EXIF tags, or the track information from several popular media players like VLC Media Player or Winamp that you are using to listen to music.

JPEG Saver can turn your PC screen into a digital photo frame with advanced functions. Using this screen-saver, you can actually relive the memories stored away in those JPEG image collections from many many decades ago.

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