Restore PC to An Earlier State with RollBack Rx Home Edition

Windows comes with System Restore function and it works wonderfully at times. But it does not restore all the files from a certain date and time. If you want to have the ability to completely restore your PC to an earlier state then you can use RollBack Rx Home Edition. It is a free utility for Windows that works more or less like the Time Machine feature of Apple Mac computers.

A program like RollBack Rx could be useful if your PC gets infected with malware or some serious damage is made to your files leading to a failure in loading Windows properly or some other mess. In all these cases, you can use RollBack Rx to travel back in time when your PC was working without any problems.

RollBack Rx Home Edition

After the installation, it places an icon in the system tray of your Windows desktop. You can right-click on this icon to access the snapshots saved by RollBack Rx, manually create a new snapshot or rollback Windows back to a specific time. You can also open the main RollBack interface from here.

RollBack Rx Home Edition

In the RollBack Rx window you can find the basic summary of your PC – how much disk space is available, how much disk space is protected, how much space is being consumed by the snapshots, how many snapshots are available and so on. In addition to rolling back to a certain snapshot, you can also recover individual files from these snapshots if you need to get only a few files backed up from a specific time.

RollBack Rx Home Edition

In general, this software takes a snapshot of your system once everyday at the first boot – when you start your PC in the morning. But if you do not need so many backups or snapshots, then you can configure the scheduled tasks and increase the frequency to a week, for example.

RollBack Rx Home Edition

Conclusion: RollBack Rx Home Edition is ideal for the people who want a fully automatic system backup and restore solution. It takes the snapshots automatically everyday and can be used to restore the system state back to a certain time instantly. However, the free version (Home Edition) allows only a maximum of seven snapshots at a time.

You can download RollBack Rx Home Edition from

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