Permadelete : Open Source File Shredder for Windows

Everybody has one or more sensitive files on their PC, created usually as a result of some other financial or personal activity. For example, I have to scan so many documents on my PC when I work on tax filing. But after I am done with all these personal files containing very sensitive information, I securely delete them using one or the other file shredders. There are so many file shredders that you can use to securely erase your files. One of these file shredders is Permadelete – an open source secure file eraser for Windows.

Permadelete integrates well into Windows and offers many different ways of shredding your files. The msot obvious way of using Permadelete is to launch it and then drag-n-drop files over its window. The dropped files shall be instantly shredded using one of the secure methods. Another way to select files is through the Permadelete toolbar from where you can choose the files or an entire folder.


You can integrate Permadelete into the File Explorer very easily. In order to do this, you have to drop a shortcut to Permadelete in the local user’s “Send To” folder (type shell:sendto in the File Explorer location bar and press Enter). After this, you can also right-click on any file that you want to shred and then choose Send to → Permadelete from the context-menu.

Since Permadelete accepts files as command parameters, you can also manually give the commands to shred files. For this, you will have to open a command prompt window and give commands like Permadelete.exe D:\Ana\Secret.PDF. Even another way to shred files would be to just drop the files on the Permadelete executable.

Conclusion: Permadelete provides quick file shredding features for all the Windows users. However, it does not allow you to select any shredding methods, neither does it reveal what kind of shredding method is being used.

You can download Permadelete from