RadioMaximus : Online Radio Player for Windows

If you want to stay in touch with the latest music, find out what is latest happening in the world or just want to avoid getting bored while working on your PC, then you can rely on one online radio player called RadioMaximus. It is developed by the same people as the ones who created TapInRadio. The difference between the two is that while TapInRadio is designed mainly for visually impaired people, RadioMaximus is for everyone else. This online radio player offers a huge database of online radio stations from all over the world, the ability to record radio programs, scheduling of the radio stations and more.

You can start listening to radio stations as soon as you finish installing RadioMaximus on your PC. If you are unsure which station to tune to, then you can click on the dice icon in the toolbar to randomly pick any radio station from a large database that RadioMaximus comes with. The radio station will start playing automatically.


But you can also manually select the radio stations. All the stations are categorized based on the country origin, genre, popularity among the RadioMaximus users, and you can easily select them using the tree control interface. You can also search for a radio station by typing full or partial name in the search box. You have to double-click in the interface for it to work, single-clicking to choose radio stations does not work.


As soon as a new track starts playing in the currently selected station, it shows a small toast notification in the system tray of Windows. You can turn off this feature from the settings, but it is cool to see what program or track is coming up next. The notification does not interfere with anything and it gradually disappears in a few seconds.


And if you do not like the large interface of RadioMaximus, then you can switch to the Mini Player format which switches RadioMaximus into a small tiny player that sticks to the system tray of Windows desktop. You can switch back to the full size player by right-clicking on the system tray icon and selecting Restore from the menu that appears.

Conclusion: A fantastic online radio player for Windows, RadioMaximus quickly gets you addicted to the exciting world of the radio. It is feature loaded, has perhaps the largest online radio station database from all over the world and allows you to even record some of the radio programs.

You can download RadioMaximus from


  1. hello ,can you please help me I already have purchased the radio maximus fee but my problem is i have a new computer and i cant get access to put my licence key in can you help thank you p/s i have upgraded and now use windows 10.

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