Roblox: New Game that Blends Minecraft, Second Life and Lego

Roblox is a new game that has become very popular with everyone. It appears to be a variant of Minecraft where you can build anything from blocks and perhaps inspired from the Second Life where you can create your own worlds. Some people are also comparing Roblox to Lego. But the Roblox game offers a multitude of possibilities – far more than Minecraft. Just like in the Minecraft, you can design your own space in Roblox as you wish and create your own worlds from blocks. And similar to Second Life, you can interact with other users and buy items using real money to enhance your creations. Apart from this, you are also given an opportunity to make some money by asking people to buy a pass to enter your space, room or worlds.

Roblox is available for almost all the platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. Before starting playing with Roblox, you will have to create an account which requires username, password and date of birth. This is followed by downloading and installing the Roblox Player on your PC, smartphone or tablet. Then you have to login using your Roblox account into the installed Roblox Player, select one of the rooms and start playing the game.


If you want to create a world or room of your own, then you will have to sign-up as a builder. While many things can be built for free in Roblox, other things cost money (real money) and have to be bought from the Roblox store. In addition, if you have built a real snazzy room/world and it has become really popular with everyone, then you can charge an entry fee. Roblox uses its own currency called Robux that can be bought using real world money. Robux money can be used to upgrade your avatars and to have access to some special features in the games.


Summary: Roblox blends best features from Minecraft and Second Life to give you a mesmerizing experience that can forget you your real life for a while. You can create your own rooms or explore the worlds created by others. You can even buy upgrades to your character using real money.

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