Add Sub-menus for Previous Days’ Browsing History in Firefox

Being a long time Firefox user, I know all the security features that Firefox provides. Because of this, I almost always use Firefox to surf the internet and often find really great websites with awesome information. Many times, I am so busy reading the information on these gripping sites that I forget to bookmark them or note their website address down. And when a few days later I want to access them, I have already forgotten the domain name. I can always search the Firefox browsing history, but to make things easier I now use a Firefox browser extension called History Submenus II.

The History Submenus II can enhance and change the appearance of the history menu in the Firefox browser. Normally, when you pull down the History menu from the toolbar or from the Firefox menu icon, it shows only a big list of all the recent history items. If you want to check for the older history items in your browsing history, then you would have to open the detailed history view by using the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+H and find the browsing history for yesterday or before that.

History Submenus II

But if you are using the History Submenus II extension for Firefox, you can access all the history for previous days from the History menu directly. It creates a different sub-menu for all the different days like today, yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days ago and so on. This makes it very easy to look up for all the history items that you visited in Firefox. For example, if you visited a website 3 days ago, you can directly access the 3 days ago sub-menu and find all the web pages that you visited on that day listed there.

History Submenus II

In the options for the History Submenus II, you can change the number of results displayed in the History menu, change how many sub-menus are to be displayed for the previous days’ history, change how the sub-menus are to be labeled and more.

Conclusion: History Submenus II is definitely a very productive extension for Firefox that can cut down on the time spent in searching for a webpage that you visited a few days ago in the browser’s history.

You can get the History Submenus II extension for Firefox from