Manage Your Music Collection with MusicBee

MusicBee is an advanced music manager for Windows. It helps you easily manage, search, and play music files that exist on your computer. Furthermore, it also supports podcasts, web radio stations, Groove music and SoundCloud integration. You can also sync your music files from Android and Windows smartphones easily with MusicBee.

When you launch it for the very first time, it scans some of the very common music folders on your PC. If you have music files located in some other folders then you can add these folders to be scanned. The all the scanned files are presented in a well organized manner categorized by artists or by albums.

MusicBee can be used to add meta tags to your music files, specially the MP3 files. It can automatically download the meta data from the internet and apply it to various MP3 files. Additionally, it can also fetch the song lyrics and album cover art. It can identify the music files in two ways – by identifying their digital signatures and by looking at the filenames of the music files.


MusicBee is not only a music management application, it also doubles up as a music player. It uses some of the clever tricks to make the most of the music collection. It can play the music on a 5.1 surround sound setup or resample the music to a lower bitrate. It can make use of the high end audio cards that support ASIO or WASAPI technologies. It can even make use of the Winamp plugins to add effects to the music playback.

Apart from playing the music from the files located locally on your PC, it can play radio shows from online radio stations and podcasts. It has native support for the Microsoft Groove Music and allows you to stream music and preview music files before you make a purchase.

Verdict: MusicBee is an advanced music management software and can also play your music with exceptionally high quality. It can play music from online radio stations, podcasts, SoundCloud and more.

You can download MusicBee from