AlterCam Enhances Webcam Video Stream with Overlays & Effects

Online video streaming and connecting with people over webcam stream has become very common place. Almost everyone today uses Skype, Youtube Live or similar services depending on the device they are using. But now using the plain old webcam video stream is not considered interesting anymore. You have to add effects, text overlays, logos, animations and more to your video stream to make it exciting for the viewers. You can do this easily using a virtual webcam software called AlterCam.

AlterCam adds virtual webcam device driver and allows you to attach one or more webcam streams to it. You can also capture your screen activity and feed it to webcam, or you can use video files to be played over to this webcam. AlterCam can also be used by multiple applications unlike a real physical webcam that causes “busy” error when you try to access it from more than one program.

AlterCam is basically a software multiplexer that combines one or more sources and feeds them to a virtual webcam that then can be used in any application you want. Altercam can use many sources like – webcams attached to your PC, IP cameras, video files or the screen activity.


Using this virtual webcam, you can modify the video stream through different special effects and overlays. You can add effects that change the video, overlays (like adding texts, other webcams, hand drawn symbols), change the background of webcam, and also apply effects to the audio. Just like video sources, you can also pick the audio sources from microphone, audio files and more.

Conclusion: AlterCam is very lightweight virtual webcam for Windows that allows you to add special effects, overlays and more to your webcam video stream. In addition to the webcam stream, you can choose video files, your computer screen or IP cameras as the video sources.

You can download AlterCam from