Xvirus Anti-Malware for Windows [Review]

Xvirus Anti-malware is a new security product for Windows based computers. It was previously known as Xvirus Personal Guard. It provides protection from all kinds of malware including trojan horses, spyware, adware, ransomware and others. It is not clear whether it uses some other vendor’s antivirus engine or has its own antivirus engine, but it seems to detect all the known threats.

Unlike many other free antivirus products available for Windows computers, Xvirus Anti-malware setup file is very small – only 2.5 MB in file size. After the installation, it automatically updates itself with the latest antivirus database files that might take a few minutes. As soon as this update is finished, your system is declared to be protected. It is also very low on the system resources and you don’t feel any slowness after installing Xvirus Anti-malware.

Xvirus Anti-malware

It offers three modes of scans – quick, full and custom. The quick scan takes smallest duration of time and checks only critical system areas for the presence of malware. The full scan goes through the entire hard disk and all the partitions to look for malware. The custom scan can be configured by you to scan one or more sections of your Windows PC based on your needs. It is suggested that you run the full scan of your PC at least once.

Three different levels of protection shield are provided by Xvirus Anti-malware – File Guard, Network Guard and System Guard. The file guard scans all the files as they are accessed or created. The system guard keeps tabs on the changes occurring in the Windows operating system like the startup entries in Windows, monitor ransomware like activity, detect suspicious script files and more. The network guard makes sure that Windows Firewall is active and alerts on finding a new network connection.

Xvirus Anti-malware

Verdict: Xvirus Anti-malware has all the essential features desired in a security product for Windows PC – multiple scanning modes as well as three protection shield for files, system changes and network. While it is able to detect all the known threats, the scanner is very slow compared to other popular antivirus products.

You can download Xvirus Anti-malware from http://xvirus.net/.


  1. Just downloaded now. Experiences:
    – First full system scan: It says it is loading search engine. Since. 25. Minutes.
    Losing trust slowly but constantly…
    I wanted firewall as well in these dark times, but:
    – Xvirus firewall setup.exe could not be downloaded, because it contained malware identified by Avast.
    Dunno if it’s true or false positive, but again, I’m losing trust in this program…

    1. Anti-malware should not be used with an anti-virus. They just false positive each other. Use it with Microsoft Defender for example.

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