Batch Process and Rename Images with BatchBlitz

If you share your pictures online with others over a blog or social networks, then you know that you have to edit the image files for a number of reasons – adding text, resizing them, reducing their file size and so on. For carrying out all these image editing tasks, you have to depend on more than one tools and that take a lot of time. But you can cut down on the image processing time using a batch image resizer, renamer and processor called BatchBlitz. And if you need some color correction or change the brightness of images etc, then it also comes with a basic image editor.

BatchBlitz is a portable application so it can be used without having to install it in Windows. Inside the portable folder, you can launch BatchBlitz.exe to launch BatchBlitz. The other program file PhotoEditor.exe is launched from inside BatchBlitz if you want to edit any image file.


The first step is to create a project in BatchBlitz and then you can start by adding the source image files. In the Source section, you can browse the folders on your disks and add as many image files as you want. After this, you can specify the output folder where the changed image files will be saved. Instead of specifying an output folder, you can choose to overwrite the original files.


In the Actions section, you can add various actions that will be performed on the images. For example, you can choose to add text, automatically adjust the contrast or color levels, rotate or flip the image, desaturate the image to make it grayscale, and more.


If you want to see how the actions when applied to your images will make them look, then just go back to the Source section and double-click on any of the added image file. It will instantly switch to the Preview section showing you the selected image with all the effects and actions applied. You can modify the action settings in case you are not satisfied with the results.


After you are fully satisfied, you can start the processing of the added images by clicking on the Start button in the toolbar. You will be shown the progress as the actions are applied to the images and they are saved to the specified output folder.


Next time you want to apply the same effects to different pictures, all you have to do is launch BatchBlitz and open the same project as you have just saved and select the new images in the Source section. You do not have to do anything else and can click on the Start button in the toolbar to process the images.

Verdict: BatchBlitz is a productive portable program to quickly process image, apply various effects, resize, rotate or rename multiple images files in a few seconds. It also comes with a small photo editor for manually fixing up the images if needed.

You can download BatchBlitz from

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