Brain / Out : Free Cross-Platform 2D Shooter Game

It is so rare to see good games designed for Windows using Java, but Brain / Out seems to be an exception. It is a 2D shooter game that supports multiplayer as well as single player modes. Since it is designed using Java, it can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux. In the setup package for the game, a portable version of Java comes packed so that you can play the game even if you do not have Java installed in your PC.

After installing when you launch the game for the very first time, it starts to download more files from the internet. This might take some time and after the download of maps, sounds and some other files is complete – the game is launched. In the game, you can either play the game in the quick play mode to have some idea of that the game is about. The quick play mode can be played offline and you do not have be online for this.

Brain Out Game

If you want to play the multi-player game then you can choose the “Find a Game” from the main menu. It will display a number of games that you can join. You start as a first class private and move on to higher ranks with experience. All the maps can be played in three modes – dominion, normal and death-match. If you have ever played Unreal Tournament, then you already know what happens in these modes.

Brain Out Game

The graphics are great for a 2D game designed without any special graphics requirements. It has very fast game play and you have to move very fast to stay alive. It can be a great way to pass time on those long nights when you cannot sleep and need something fun to play with.

You can download Brain / Out game from