Bookmark Webpages Faster in Firefox with QuickMark

We all know the importance of bookmarking the webpages in any web browser. By bookmarking a webpage, you can revisit it any time from accessing its link from the bookmarks menu. But bookmarking a webpage requires you to take 3-4 steps – clicking on the bookmark icon in the toolbar, then choosing a folder where the bookmarked link would be placed and finally clicking on the OK button. However, if you use Firefox web browser then things can be made a little faster if you install the QuickMark extension in it.

The QuickMark extension, as you can guess, helps you quickly bookmark webpages. It does not add any extra buttons or menus in your Firefox browser. Instead it just modifies that way already existing bookmarking buttons in Firefox work. Normally, if you click on that small star icon to bookmark the currently open webpage in Firefox, it will bookmark the webpage and then show you the full bookmark menu where you can choose the folders or sub-menus where the bookmarked links should be placed.

QuickMark for Firefox

But if you have installed the QuickMark extension, then you can bookmark any webpage in less than a second. You won’t even have to use the mouse – everything is done through keyboard shortcuts. Press Ctrl+D hotkey to bookmark the webpage. Use up and down arrow keys to navigate through folders where you want to save the bookmark and Enter key to select the folder. If you want to create a new sub-folder, then you can use the Shift+Enter hotkey. And if you want to view all the options like before (before installing the extension), then you can just press the Ctrl+Enter hotkey after selecting a folder.

Conclusion: QuickMark extension for Firefox is very useful for keyboard lovers who wish to bookmark pages at the speed of sound. Without using your mouse at all and with just two keyboard hits, it can bookmark any webpage in Firefox.

You can get the QuickMark Firefox extension from