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Expensive and bloated screen recording software are fine if you want to record your screen activities into an HD video for Youtube. But if you want to record only a little bit of desktop area for some fun so that you can share it online with friends perhaps on your blog or social networking sites, then you do not have to squander your money on those expensive software – all you need is GifCam. It is a small tool that can record a portion of your desktop screen and save the activities in form of a GIF animation or AVI video file.

You can resize the GifCam window and drag it to position to the region of your desktop that you want to record. To record the screen activity you can click on the Rec button. After a few seconds of recording, you can click on the Stop button to stop recording the screen. In order to save the recording, you can click on the Save button and save it as GIF animation. This is the most basic form of GifCam use.

GifCam Screen Recorder

If you want to customize how the GifCam records the screen – select the FPS rate, whether to record the cursor, or whether to record the entire screen – you can click on the downward arrow next to the Rec button and make the customization. You can also open an existing GIF file for editing it.

GifCam Screen Recorder

Clicking on the Edit button opens the currently open GIF file for editing. In the Edit window, you can view all the frames. You can delete currently selected frame, delete from current frame to start, delete from current frame to end, delete only even frames etc. You can also add reverse frames to get the Yoyo or Boomrang effect. In addition, you can add text on any frame and use green screen to remove contents from all frames.

GifCam Screen Recorder

There are many saving options too. You can click on the downward arrow next to the Save button and choose the color depth (grayscale, monochrome, 256 colors etc.), preview the recording, or save the recording into an AVI video file instead of an GIF file.

GifCam Screen Recorder

Conclusion: GifCam is a small, quick and easy to use screen recording tool for Windows. It can save the recording into GIF animations or AVI video files. It can even edit the already existing GIF animations.

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