ClearSight Antivirus Offers Free Protection for Windows PC

ClearSight Antivirus has been around for some time and is now offering free protection for both home and business users. It is a trusted security solution for Windows based computers and provides comprehensive protection against threats like malware, unwanted programs, rootkits, ransomware and others. It offers both the malware scanning and real-time protection modules. Basically, you can easily replace your old antivirus software with ClearSight Free Antivirus without any problems. If the subscription of your old antivirus products is about to expire then you can replace it with ClearSight’s free protection.

The free version of ClearSight Antivirus makes uses of the popular Sophos antivirus engine to protect your PC. This means that you will be getting the protection of one of the best antivirus engine without spending any money. However in the free version of the antivirus, ClearSight does not provide any options – it is a very basic antivirus solution. For example, you cannot change any options or configure alerts – these buttons are greyed out and disabled in the free version.

ClearSight Free Antivirus

When you download the antivirus setup file from the ClearSight website, it will ask your email address and other information. You will receive a product license key on the email address you supply and this is they license key that you have to use to activate the antivirus after installation. This is followed by virus definitions updated. After the definitions update it is recommended that you perform a full system scan.

ClearSight Free Antivirus

The best feature of this antivirus product is that it does not use too many of your system resources, performs heuristic analysis of all the files you access and can scan the online threats in real time. You can check this by trying to download the EICAR test file – it will quarantine the downloaded file as soon as it is saved.

ClearSight Free Antivirus

Conclusion: ClearSight Free Antivirus provides comprehensive, all around protection from malware for your Windows PC. It has a very simple user interface and does not bother you with too many options.

You can download ClearSight Free Antivirus from

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