Encrypt Files in Windows with Free Fort

Keeping your secrets well hidden in your PC requires that you encrypt them using a software that offers both a secure cipher and ease of use. The free Fort encryption tool can be said to have both of these qualities. It uses very strong AES 256 bit cipher which is practically unbreakable by the computers and algorithms of this time. It also makes it very easy to encrypt and decrypt files by integrating well into the Windows File Explorer. You can just right-click on any file and encrypt it using Fort.

But system integration is only available if install Fort in your Windows PC. Fort is also available as a portable tool and you do not have to install it to use. However, in the portable version the right-click File Explorer extension feature is not available. Basically, you can launch Fort and add all the files that you want to encrypt or decrypt. After this you can click on the lock or unlock icons in the toolbar to encrypt or decrypt the files.

Fort File Encryption

For encrypting files you have to either enter a password or supply a keyfile. The keyfile can be created by Fort itself, but you have to keep it in a secure place as it can be used to decrypt the files. As you enter a password, Fort will show the password strength – weak, normal, strong, very strong. If you want to use on-screen keyboard then it can be used to enter the password securely.

Fort File Encryption

In the settings for the Fort, you can choose to create a backup of files before encrypting them, disallow the use of weak passphrases, verify the passphrases (asks to enter them twice) and pick an on-screen keyboard program of your own.

Fort File Encryption

Conclusion: Fort is an easy to use encryption tool for Windows that integrates well into Windows File Explorer allowing you to encrypt files just by right-clicking on them. It uses strong AES 256 bit cipher for encryption and can use 4096 bit keyfiles instead of passphrases.

You can download Fort encryption software for Windows from https://www.cryptoextension.eu/.