Cloudevo : Combine Different Cloud Storage Accounts

There are so many different cloud storage services available today and they all provide multiple gigabytes of storage space for free. If you create an account in each of these cloud storage services, then you can easily end up having hundreds of gigabytes of cloud storage put together. But all of these cloud services offer the client software of their own and have to be accessed through these different clients. This creates a problem as you do not want to have dozens of cloud storage clients running in the background on your PC.

This is where the Cloudevo software comes in. Cloudevo creates a single network drive in your PC and then connects all the cloud storage accounts together to this network drive. This way you can access the all storage space from all the cloud accounts from one place. All the files that you copy to this network drive are intelligently distributed in all the different cloud storage accounts.


After installing Cloudevo, the first thing you have to is create a free account in Cloudevo to manage your settings. This account is necessary as it can be used to load your settings on any device later on. After this, you have to add all the cloud service providers you want to manage with Cloudevo. You can add from a large number of cloud storage accounts like Box, 4Shared, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Mega, HubiC and many more. All of these Cloud storage accounts are then integrated as one drive that appears as a network drive in your PC.

Conclusion: Cloudevo can combine the cloud storage space from many different cloud storage providers into a one huge cloud storage drive that appears as a network drive in your computer or smartphone. It supports multiple platforms and offers file encryption.

You can download Cloudevo from