DimScreen Changes Screen Brightness in Windows

Ideally the brightness of your computer screen should be adjusted according to the brightness of your surroundings. For example, if you are sitting outside in the balcony and enjoying the really bright light coming from the Sun, then you won’t be able to see anything on your screen unless your laptop computer’s screen brightness is at the maximum level. But if you are sitting in the darkness of a moonless night, then perhaps you should lower the screen brightness or your eyes will go through a lot of strain and you may even get a headache.

One way to adjust the screen brightness in your Windows PC is through the use of an open-source program called DimScreen. This small program adds an icon to the system tray in Windows using which you can easily adjust the screen brightness in your PC. When you right-click on the DimScreen icon, it shows all the possible brightness levels or rather dimness levels from 0% (full brightness) to 100% (completely dark screen) in steps of 10%. As soon as you pick the dimness of your screen using the system tray icon, it changes the brightness and displays the notification on your screen level. For example, if you choose 30%, it will show notification in the center of your screen that reads – “30% dimmed”.


But you are not limited to changing the brightness of your screen or dimming your screen from the system tray icon. You can also use the hotkeys Ctrl+NumMinus and Ctrl+NumPlus to reduce and increase the screen brightness respectively. Furthermore, DimScreen can also be given command parameter. You can set the screen dimness by specifying it as a number in the command parameter. For example, you can give the command DimScreen.exe 30 to launch DimScreen and set the screen dimness to 30% automatically. It stores the dimness value in the Windows’ registry so that it can load it next time you launch it.


Conclusion: DimScreen is a very handy program for reducing or increasing the screen brightness in Windows computers. It offers three different ways of dimming your PC screen – command line, hotkeys and system tray.

You can download DimScreen from https://github.com/DHIteration/DimScreen/blob/master/DimScreen/DimScreen/obj/x86/Debug/DimScreen.exe.