Create GIF Animations with Microsoft GIF Animator

If you have never heard about GIF (pronounced like jiff) then perhaps you have been living on Mars all long. The GIF animations or images are very old images format dating back to the late 80s when the people at CompuServe first figured out an easy way to display a series of images and thus creating an illusion of animation. It became extremely popular in the late 80s and during 90s when almost every website used one or other such GIF animations. Even today when websites are using animations using HTML5 or Adobe Flash, GIF animations can still be found on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. Lately, many people have been uploading GIF animations on Instagram.

There are so many online and offline tools to create GIF animations from scratch. We have posted about various tools that can create GIF animations, capture screen into GIF or convert videos to GIF. You can search our website to find all these tools – But if you want a very simple tool to create and edit GIF animations, then you can use the Microsoft GIF Animator.

Microsoft GIF Animator

Microsoft GIF Animator is a tool from the old times of Windows 95, but it still works in Windows 10. It can create GIF animations by joining together a sequence of images (also in the GIF format). The resulting animation can be saved in the GIF 89a format.

Basically, you have to import the GIF images or AVI uncompressed videos in the Microsoft GIF Animator. Then you can edit the frames, change their order and so on. You can choose options for each of the frames of the animation. For example, you can choose dither method and the color palette, animation width/height, number of loops, time for each loop and more. Afterwards, you can save the animation in form of a GIF file.

You can download Microsoft GIF Animator from