Download and Play Indie Games in Windows Through Game Jolt

Indie games are computer games for various platforms designed by individuals or a team of developers without the backing of a large game production or distribution company. In the 80s, many of the games were produced this way until the rise of game production companies in the mid-90s. Back then there was not much difference between either type of games. But now the difference is very much clear mostly because of the large financial resources available to the game companies.

However, if you want to enjoy playing indie games in your Windows PC, then you can download and play these games through the Game Jolt client. It is similar to the UPlay, GOG, Steam, Origin and other game distribution clients only you can install the indie games through it. Some of these indie games are free while others are paid. It offers games belonging to different categories like action, adventure, arcade, RPG, shooter, sports and more.

Game Jolt Client

You have to create an account to the Game Jolt before you can use the Game Jolt for downloading and playing games. You can create the account either through the Game Jolt website or through the client itself. After login into your account, you can browse the games, search for them and find the one that you would want to play. Most of the games are very small in size and can be downloaded in a few seconds. All the installed games are accessible through the Game Jolt client.

Game Jolt Client

Game Jolt makes it easy to find all the indie games from just one place as opposed to looking for them in various websites. Even though Game Jolt client is essentially a portable web browser that loads the Game Jolt website, it is very useful as you won’t have to load the browser to access the games and you can just launch the Game Jolt client to install or play the games.

You can download Game Jolt client from