SyMenu : Portable Menu Launcher for Windows

If you download and install a program in your Windows PC, then it will create shortcuts on the desktop or the Start Menu or both. But portable programs do not create any shortcuts generally. You have to look into various folders where you have saved these portable programs and launch them from there. But you can have a menu launcher for the portable programs too using the SyMenu portable launcher. Using this menu, you can quickly access all the portable programs and other configured documents easily.

The SyMenu portable menu launcher is portable program itself. You can download and copy it to your USB disk drive or in any folder from where you want to launch. As you launch it, you will see a small overlay on your desktop that you can drag around anywhere along with a system tray icon. At first, you won’t see any shortcuts to programs, but you can click on Get new apps option to download hundreds of portable programs from the internet.


Choosing this option shows you a portable programs downloader and manager. You can download programs from the collection of SyMenu, Nirsoft or Microsoft SysInternals. All three collections are rich and have very useful portable programs. Before you see the list of the programs available for download, you have to click on Update app definitions. Afterwards, you can select and download any of the listed programs. These programs will be automatically configured to appear in the SyMenu (when you click on its icon).


Besides downloading newer portable programs from the internet, SyMenu can be configured to add so many other items. For this, you have to click on the SyMenu icon and then choose Customize. From the window that shows up, you can click on the ItemManager and pick any new type of item that wish to add. Among many types of items, you can add program, folders, documents, website links, Windows commands etc.


Conclusion: SyMenu is a powerful portable menu launcher for Windows. It can be used to download new portable free programs and can also configure shortcuts to existing programs, documents, website links etc.

You can download SyMenu portable menu launcher from