Get PC Game Syberia II for Free from Origin

All the online computer games distributing platforms like Steam, Uplay, GOG, Origin, have been giving away some of the very popular games from the past for the PC users. Last year, Uplay celebrated their 30th anniversary by giving away one free game every month. This year also began with many game giveaways. For example, Mass Effect 2 was available for free on Origin in the January of this year. And now, Electronics Arts is once again giving away another game called Syberia II through Origin.

Syberia II was first released in the year 2004. As such it has very tame system requirements compared to what the modern computers are capable of. This game can run on any PC with CPU clocked at 1.5 GHz, 512 MB RAM, and having 1.5 GB of memory available on the hard disk. I am sure some users can even run this game inside a Virtual Box. Back in 2004, the most popular Windows version was Windows XP, but you can run it on Windows 10 too albeit you need to install some DirectX components.

PC Game Syberia II

In order to claim the Syberia II game for yourself through Origin, you can either launch the Origin client software, login to your Origin account and then download the Syberia II game. Or you can just open the website, login to your Origin account and then claim your free copy of this game. You do not have to download the game right away. You can finish downloading the game to your PC anytime later, install it and start playing it. Only the standard edition of the Syberia II is available through Origin via their On the house giveaways. Apart from the standard edition of this game, Syberia II is also available as collectors edition.

You can visit this link to claim your free copy of Syberia II: