Hard Configurator Helps Tighten Windows Security

If you really want to learn about Windows security and how to make it hard for anyone to break into your PC, then you better read those O’Reilly books on Windows security, e.g., Network Security Assistant and Security Warrior. But if you do not have time to go through these books, then perhaps you would like to use an application that can do everything automatically for you. An open-source program called Hard Configurator is able to do exactly just that.

Hard Configurator is a security program for Windows that allows you to enable a number of software restriction policies from one interface. The program comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and supports all versions of Windows starting from Windows Vista. It is a portable program so you can just download the pre-compiled binary from Github and launch Hard_Configurator(x86).exe or Hard_Configurator(x64).exe as per your system configurations.

Hard Configurator

After launching the Hard Configurator, you can just click on the Turn on all SRP button to enable and apply all the software restriction policies (SRP) allowed by your Windows operating system. Similarly, you can click on the Turn on all Restrictions button to enable and apply all possible restrictions in your PC.

If you do not know about any of the SRP items or the restrictions, then you can always click on the Help button displayed next to them. This will show some information about what that setting can do to your PC. Similarly, you can enable or disable each one of the SRP or other common restrictions by clicking on their respective buttons in the Hard Configurator window.

In the Tools section of the program, you can create the system restore points so that the changes made by the Hard Configurator can be reversed in case they cause problems in your PC.

Conclusion: Hard Configurator makes it easy for you to apply software restriction policies as well as other system restrictions in your Windows PC to improve the security of your computer. Not only you can make all the changes at the click of mouse buttons, but you can also understand what each of these settings does.

You can download Hard Configurator from https://github.com/AndyFul/Hard_Configurator.

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  1. Hi Trisha

    Hard_Configurator is semi-portable. The Hard_Configurator folder must be copied to Windows directory. If not, then help files, changing skins, and Run As SmartScreen options will not work.

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