How to Identify Font Used in Any Text Quickly

So you have been turning over the pages of a magazine and suddenly you notice a great looking font. It is the font that you have been looking for all your life and you cannot wait to use it in your next project. But how do you know the name of that font or font family? One way to do this is to contact the magazine’s editor and politely ask them about the font used. But more likely than not, this approach will not work. Another sure way of knowing and identifying a font face quickly is to use the Fontspring Matcherator web app.

Fontspring Matcherator can automatically identify the font face used in a text sample using the OCR comparing technique. The way it works is that first you have to scan a sample of the text for which you want to identify the font face. If you do not have a scanner, then you can just snap the picture of the text using your smartphone camera.

Fontspring Matcherator

Make sure you do not scan any sensitive text data into the image. You do not have to scan a lot of text either – only two three words are enough. After this you have to visit the Fontspring Matcherator web app and upload the scanned image to the website.

Fontspring Matcherator

The web app will detect all the glyphs in the uploaded image. At this stage, you can rotate the image to make the letters vertical to avoid mismatching of the font face. You will notice that this app works better if you upload black-and-white images compared to color or grey scale images. You have to click on the Matcherate It button to proceed and view all the fonts that look similar to the one used in the text. The listed fonts contain both the commercial as well as free fonts.

Fontspring Matcherator

Conclusion: Identifying a font used in a magazine, newspaper, book or leaflet is very easy with the help of Fontspring Matcherator web app. It takes only a few minutes and you not only know the name of the font, but you would be able to download it too.

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